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by Jimmy Peggie on May 13, 2020, no comments

I have a new and unreleased sound piece included in Kate Carr’s latest Interiorities show entitled Fanorama. The temperatures in the Arizona desert are increasing and my piece features the various fans in my home each of which have their own sound and idiosyncrasies which make up the drones and mantras related to my current life in isolation. This recording reflects this isolation and features my current collection of 9 fans!!

Josef and Anni Go To Mexico – Part 4

by Jimmy Peggie on December 16, 2019, no comments

Albers 1

Sound: Jimmy Peggie | Photo: Jimmy Peggie

This is a project featuring 6 sound pieces and associated photo collages I made using location recordings and photos taken at the ‘Josef Albers in Mexico” exhibition during 2019 at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. It concerns the evolving relationship and changes in policy between the US and Mexico.

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