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52 Week Project: Week 31.5

by Jimmy Peggie on August 14, 2007, one comment

laying it down as we go
criss-crossed scaffolding
we ascend through storms and blue breeze
to an immaterial waterfall
our worksuits covered in rivulets of
blue paint

we’ll never see it up there
but we know its nature
by the criss-crossed flight of birds
around it

music: Jimmy | photo: Sharon | words: Tom

One thought on “52 Week Project: Week 31.5

  1. I came across this blog from a post left on mine. I have really enjoyed perusing it and hope to look through a bit more soon. All very intriguing.

    I am someone that appreciates art that is “out of the mainstream”. Unique music and photography are both things I also do in the time when I have the energy.

    Parallel universe indeed… : )

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