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One thought on “Liberation From Suffering

  1. This tune is kind of heavy, sort of ominous throughout. Again, I’m probably being influenced by your title. But as it was playing and I was listening so intently, it reminded me of my new, very old friend Keith. He has suffered an incredible heartbreak recently. After three years, his fiance broke up with him in the middle of the afternoon, and he had no idea that it was coming. To him, everything seemed perfect. He had bought her a house, and was helping to raise her two children. It hit him out of nowhere and it hit him hard.

    He’s confused right now, and told me that it feels like he’s walking through a forest without a flashlight. And while he doesn’t ask for pity and he’s not sitting around wallowing in it, he did admit that where he is at right now, is a cold, a dark and a very lonely place. Add to that that just after his girl dumped him, one of his best friends died fighting a fire, and Keith couldn’t save him on the scene. He said that it may sound cliche, but one day, the sun will rise again, and he’ll be able to better find his way.

    The tune made me feel cold and alone and a bit frightened. The continual tone, just kind of got under my skin, like walking through that dense forest with no light to guide me. Suffering is like that, to me it’s a subtle feeling that just keeps going sometimes, just under the surface. But then in the last forty seconds or so, the heaviness of the tune lifts…and it feels like you can once again finally see a very bright, and a very blue sky. That it is now, safe to breath. Tiffinie Greer

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