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5 thoughts on “Ergo Viola Da Gamba Improvisation #1

  1. Hi!

    Nice to hear the “new” frets in action, I wouldn’t say there’s much of a difference between the hammered and tied frets in regard to the sound.

    What setup did you use for this recording?

  2. Hi Wilhelm,

    I used a Roland Cube PA to amplify the viol. The mic was an Audio Technica AT 4033a and recorded using Adobe Audition.

    It seems like a PA does a better job of amplifying the Ergo viol than either bass or guitar amps.


  3. Does the Cube have a high impedance input for piezo pickups? I have one of the smaller ones and I don’t think it does.

    I run the signal from the instrument into a Behringer ADI 21 first, and then on to the other equipment. Makes the sound a little bit less harsh.

    I could do some short recording with / without the preamp if you are interested.

  4. I’m nor sure about the high impedance – I will check. I have not used any form of preamp and I need to dig one out as I have had occasional volume problems while playing live – when I have been running the instrument through effects. I would be very interested in hearing some recordings to compare the preamp.

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