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Manifold Landscapes

by Jimmy Peggie on July 30, 2022, no comments

Brendan Rincon, modular synthesizers & laptop
Jimmy Peggie, field recordings & shortwave radio
Alex Levy, electric guitar
Alvin Benenaula, electric guitar
Derek Drudge, percussion & recording
Jacob Adler, piano & organ

Manifold Landscapes: composed and mixed by Brendan Rincon
Surface 1: composed and mixed by Derek Drudge
Arbor Vitae: mixed by Derek Drudge and Jacob Adler
Four Polaroids: composed and mixed by Jimmy Peggie
Dusk: composed by Alvin Benenaula, mixed by Derek Drudge
Image Schemata Composition: composed by Alex Levy, mixed by Derek Drudge
A Slow Exit: composed and mixed by Jimmy Peggie

Album cover photo by Jimmy Peggie

Released June 21, 2022