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Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound

by Jimmy Peggie on May 21, 2023, no comments

I have two tracks included in the Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound show which came out on May 20m 2023. Listen to it here:



Bana Haffar—-Clearing—touch333.bandcamp.com
SCHNEIDER TM—-Schwarzschild-Radius–1:37—karlrecords.bandcamp.com
Roel Meelkop—-Viva in Pace I (edit)–12:28—cronica.bandcamp.com
Paul Harrison & Shaun Robert—-Blocks Et Elements–18:16—oxidation.bandcamp.com
Jerman/Nordwall—-The Knotted Circle–24:14—newforces.bandcamp.com
ausgesuchtestenohren—-Toxische Gemengelage–30:59—ausgesuchtestenohren.bandcamp.com
Kloob & Onasander—-A Descent into the Maelström–36:36—eighthtowerrecords.bandcamp.com
Johan Arrias—-with hoses–45:09—auscultofonogram.bandcamp.com
Lisa Stenberg—-Monument (edit)–48:19—fylkingen.bandcamp.com
CHARLES WESLEY—-SOFTEN INTO THIS GREY OCEAN–57:42—lineimprint.bandcamp.com
jimmy peggie—-ydp 7–1:01:22—jimmypeggie.bandcamp.com
jimmy peggie—-fission–1:05:33—jimmypeggie.bandcamp.com
Mike Cooper—-Sun Ra Socks, and a B Flat Hat VI–1:16:37—room40.bandcamp.com
DAKTYLOI—-Peppermill Beach (Facade A) (edit)–1:20:11—daktyloi.bandcamp.com
The New Boyfriends—-Condensed Heat–1:33:14—satatuhatta.bandcamp.com
Ellen Zweig—-Green Silk–1:39:10—phantomlimblabel.bandcamp.com
Aya Metwalli & Calamita Al Saher—-Al Saher (edit)–1:46:17—zehra.bandcamp.com
Kyle Bates and Lula Asplund—-Visitor (edit)–1:55:15—whitedsepulchrerecords.bandcamp.com


by Jimmy Peggie on May 2, 2023, no comments

film by vic void & jimmy peggie.
all film and sound recordings made at the bell garden, phoenix arizona on april 14 2023.
processing, editing and mixing – jimmy peggie

Miami Arts Festival

by Jimmy Peggie on April 2, 2023, no comments

I will have 2 video art pieces included in the Miami Arts Festival April 21-23, 2023.

Resonances Exhibit – Santa Fe, NM

by Jimmy Peggie on February 10, 2023, no comments

CURRENTS 826 Gallery is pleased to present resonant works of Southwest-based new media artists. The opening reception of RESONANCES on Friday, February 10th from 5pm-8pm at 826 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, NM.  I have a sound/painting collaboration with Christine Cassano included in the exhibition.  It is used as the background for the event poster.