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Ever Now – Film

by Jimmy Peggie on August 31, 2023, no comments

My collaboration entitled Ever Now with experimental film maker Karo Goldt premieres on Friday, September 1 at Studio EM04 – Berlin, Germany. I composed the soundtrack for the film.

Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound

by Jimmy Peggie on August 11, 2023, no comments

ARTIST—-TRACK–TIME—SUPPORT The Lonely Bell—-Fires Of Dawn—frostilabel.bandcamp.com jimmy peggie—-gabbro–9:27—jimmypeggie.bandcamp.com Peter Wullen—-black ops – Cop (Bops mix 2)–16:50—peterwullen.bandcamp.com Illusion of Safety—-indoctrination–22:05—illusionofsafety.bandcamp.com philippe neau—-deep sounds–27:15—emerge.bandcamp.com tzesne—-RElatively deep–30:13—emerge.bandcamp.com subterrene—-orthogonal to my distant past and future selves-33:22—povertyelectronics.bandcamp.com Yousef Kawar—-Daytime Stargazing–37:40—reversealignment.bandcamp.com DEMETRIO CECCHITELLI—-VERTICE (edit)–47:25—asonu.bandcamp.com Nicholas Maloney & Tony Panella—-Cascade of Dreams (edit)–57:06—asonu.bandcamp.com Das Synthetische Mischgewebe—-zeh (edit)–1:05:59—pbksound.bandcamp.com PBK—-zeh (edit)–1:15:28—pbksound.bandcamp.com Andy Ortmann—-4’33” After […]