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“architectural decaying microsounds of electroacoustic, ambient, and drone plunges listeners into the soft abyss”

Jimmy Peggie is a Scottish sound artist based in Phoenix, Arizona – whose output is centered around the re-contextualization of sonic material (environmental recordings, sound objects, radio frequencies etc) and integrating them using electronic processing methods. His work is focused on the the use of sound as an artistic material.  He on occasion uses static and moving images with specific installations.

“Sonic explorations that lend to an abstracted and textural approach to acousmatic composition incorporating micro location recordings, decaying electronic fragments and radiophonic atmospheres. A personal appreciation that all things are impermanent, imperfect and incomplete.” jimmy

“painting with sound” – Data Cult Audio

With a background in jazz and free improvisation he has performed at many festivals and galleries including Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Phoenix Art Museum, Tempe Center for the Arts, Scottsdale Museum of Modern Art, Tempe History Museum, Chicago Logan Square, Chino Valley Music Festival and the Sedona Film Festival. He has participated in recording for the Barcelona 2010 Festival of Sound Art.  His sounds were featured in an exhibition at the prestigious Max Protetch Gallery in New York City.  He is active in educating to raise awareness of natural sounds, deep listening, field recording, improvisation, sound collage and acoustic ecology.  He has operated a small record label – Subjazz Records since 1995. He is a member of the American Society for Acoustic Ecology (ASAE) and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

Electronic sound art by Jimmy Peggie, Phoenix, Arizona

Subterranean Jazz – Subterranean
Juarez – Nashville EP
Jimmy Peggie – Still Life Leads To Concrete Walls
Subterranean Jazz – Subway Sonnets
The Clair Voyants – County USA
Brid Dower – Comings and Goings
Jim Pipkin – Time is Talking
Subterranean Jazz – Celtic Lines
Caji – Da Bahia
Deb Myking – The Journey to May
Adam Panic – Wonderful
The Human Mirror
Trio Nine – Incandescent Cinema
Jimmy Peggie / Steve Jansen – Pharmaceutica
Jimmy Peggie – Mans Eternal Challenge
Jimmy Peggie / Steve Jansen – Budapest
Jimmy Peggie – Learning to Die
Health Channel – Sit Ups for your Soul
Jimmy Peggie – The Energy of Contemplation
Angelo Hart – Storyteller
-Pi/Pe- – un anno di ascolto
Jimmy Peggie – I Walk Amongst You, And Leave No Trace
Jimmy Peggie – Resting Places
Jimmy Peggie – Isolation Studies
Jimmy Peggie – Universe Inside | Universe Outside
Jimmy Peggie – Upon a Narrow Inquiry
Jimmy Peggie / Steve Jansen – In Paradise
Jimmy Peggie – Ghost Towns of Arizona
Jimmy Peggie – Quiet Impermanence
Jimmy Peggie – Light in a Lonely Landscape
Openscore Ensemble – Manifold Landscapes
Jimmy Peggie – Sound Across Distance
Jimmy Peggie – Timeless & Infinite
Jimmy Peggie – Infinitude of Dust

Also recordings appearing on:
Cities and Memory – Three Words
Hainbach – Old Suns
Kate Carr – Where To Begin

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1974 – First field recording experiments
1978 – Art exhibition at Perth Art Gallery, Scotland (oil paintings)
1979 – First musical performance
1979 – 1983 Oil painting exhibits in Perth, Scotland
1991 to Current – Music/Sound Recording & Performance
2004 – 2010 – Music Instructor
2003 – Scottsdale/Glendale Community Colleges – Artist Performances
2013 – Semco – YouTube, Video and Social Media – Artist Presentation
2014 – American Marketing Association – Sound and Video in Social Media – Artist Presentation
2017 – Co-founder of Sound Art Arizona
2018 – Scottsdale Community College – Artist Performance and Discussion
2018 – Tempe Public Library – Sound Art Workshop Series
2018 – Sound Healing Certification
2018 – Recorded Jeph Jerman and Steve Jansen live at Trunk Space
2019 – Co-founder and curator of Playground Arts
2020 – Presented workshop on Creativity and Alternative Sound Sources at Phoenix Synthesizer Festival
2020 – Sound and Video composition included on Desert Stories for Corpus Aliena at Iklectic UK Art Space Sept 2020
2020 – Framework Radio – tracks on show – October 2020
2020 – Radiophrenia – included in 2 week exploration into current trends in sound and transmission arts.
2021 – Performance at the Phoenix Synth Festival 2021
2021 – Performance at the Electronic Music Symposium 2021.
2021 – Presentation to composition students at Arizona State University.
2021 – Performance at the Southwest Electronic Music Festival.
2021 – Acoustic Ecology Certificate – Professor Barry Truax, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.
2022 – Radiophrenia – participation in  radio art festival from Glasgow, Scotland.

Jimmy Peggie - Sound artist and field recording

Jimmy Peggie is an artist specializing in sound, photography and video. His main interests include sound art, location recording, radio explorations, textures, microsound, musique concrete, abstractions, decay, found sound, architectural acoustics, archaeology, geography, nature, ecology, photography, film, art, active listening, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, zen, wabi sabi, minimalism, improvisation, chance, experimentation and inquiry.