Jimmy Peggie

Sound | Space | Silence


josef and anni go to mexico

This installation is inspired by the work of Josef and Anni Albers and their trips to Mexico during 1930-60. It developed from correspondence I had during 2019 with Bernhard Living a composer friend who is based in the UK. He was reading a book at that time about their travels called ‘Josef Albers in Mexico’. We have a mutual respect for ‘minimal’ abstract art and an intrigue of the influence of Mexican sites and architecture on the work.

Shortly after this in 2019 I attended an exhibition in Phoenix, Arizona based again on their travels also entitled ‘Josef Albers in Mexico’. I found it inspirational and took photos of the exhibition along with sound recordings in the exhibition space.

In early 2020 I used the recordings and photographs as the basis for my own sonic/visual narration. This reflected a viewpoint on how things have changed since Josef and Anni’s day. Looking back in time Arizona was part of Mexico until it became a state of the USA in 1912. There has always been a very strong Mexican/Latino heritage in this area. Recently with changes in government and their policy towards immigration there has been a movement to downplay the heritage and associated cultural exchanges. This installation is an attempt to put a personal viewpoint on what has been happening and perhaps create a strong feeling or an emotional response to the situation.

To do this I use the ‘exhibition’ sound sources along with techniques such as micro sound manipulation, frequency reduction, granular and texture synthesis to produce a dense atmospheres that evolves and changes over time – much like the relationship between the countries. I also use photographs taken at the exhibition together with reduction techniques including color removal, masking and collage that showcase a breakdown / divide / border / wall.

There are six sound movements and associated photo collages that make up this installation.