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Limiting the Frame

by Jimmy Peggie on September 9, 2023, no comments

Limiting the Frame by jimmy peggie & British Sports Car A collaboration with UK based artist British Sports Car. “Limiting the Frame is a sound project about film – and in particular about analog film. The two artists have an interest in all aspects of film making from the past and this collection of tracks […]

Ever Now – Film

by Jimmy Peggie on August 31, 2023, no comments

My collaboration entitled Ever Now with experimental film maker Karo Goldt premieres on Friday, September 1 at Studio EM04 – Berlin, Germany. I composed the soundtrack for the film.

Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound

by Jimmy Peggie on August 11, 2023, no comments

ARTIST—-TRACK–TIME—SUPPORT The Lonely Bell—-Fires Of Dawn—frostilabel.bandcamp.com jimmy peggie—-gabbro–9:27—jimmypeggie.bandcamp.com Peter Wullen—-black ops – Cop (Bops mix 2)–16:50—peterwullen.bandcamp.com Illusion of Safety—-indoctrination–22:05—illusionofsafety.bandcamp.com philippe neau—-deep sounds–27:15—emerge.bandcamp.com tzesne—-RElatively deep–30:13—emerge.bandcamp.com subterrene—-orthogonal to my distant past and future selves-33:22—povertyelectronics.bandcamp.com Yousef Kawar—-Daytime Stargazing–37:40—reversealignment.bandcamp.com DEMETRIO CECCHITELLI—-VERTICE (edit)–47:25—asonu.bandcamp.com Nicholas Maloney & Tony Panella—-Cascade of Dreams (edit)–57:06—asonu.bandcamp.com Das Synthetische Mischgewebe—-zeh (edit)–1:05:59—pbksound.bandcamp.com PBK—-zeh (edit)–1:15:28—pbksound.bandcamp.com Andy Ortmann—-4’33” After […]


by Jimmy Peggie on July 11, 2023, no comments

I have a new collaboration with Berlin based experimental photographer and film maker Karo Goldt called Vanitas.   Karo produces and exhibits amazing work.  You can find out more about her here.


by Jimmy Peggie on May 2, 2023, no comments

film by vic void & jimmy peggie. all film and sound recordings made at the bell garden, phoenix arizona on april 14 2023. processing, editing and mixing – jimmy peggie


by Jimmy Peggie on May 13, 2020, no comments

I have a new and unreleased sound piece included in Kate Carr’s latest Interiorities show entitled Fanorama. The temperatures in the Arizona desert are increasing and my piece features the various fans in my home each of which have their own sound and idiosyncrasies which make up the drones and mantras related to my current […]

Three Words Sound Project

by Jimmy Peggie on October 29, 2019, no comments

I have a piece in the Three Word sound project by Cities & Memory. It is also included in a compilation album from the project. My piece is a meditation composed around three words and a recording made in the grounds of an Armenian Monastery.