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Limiting the Frame

by Jimmy Peggie on September 9, 2023, no comments

Limiting the Frame by jimmy peggie & British Sports Car A collaboration with UK based artist British Sports Car. “Limiting the Frame is a sound project about film – and in particular about analog film. The two artists have an interest in all aspects of film making from the past and this collection of tracks […]


by Jimmy Peggie on July 11, 2023, no comments

I have a new collaboration with Berlin based experimental photographer and film maker Karo Goldt called Vanitas.   Karo produces and exhibits amazing work.  You can find out more about her here.


by Jimmy Peggie on May 2, 2023, no comments

film by vic void & jimmy peggie. all film and sound recordings made at the bell garden, phoenix arizona on april 14 2023. processing, editing and mixing – jimmy peggie

Miami Arts Festival

by Jimmy Peggie on April 2, 2023, no comments

I will have 2 video art pieces included in the Miami Arts Festival April 21-23, 2023.

A Slow Exit

by Jimmy Peggie on June 26, 2022, no comments

Improvised sound composition performed by Jacob Adler, Derek Drudge, Brendan Rincon and Jimmy Peggie – Phoenix, Arizona – 2022. Recorded by Derek Drudge. Film by Jimmy Peggie.

Nine Fans

by Jimmy Peggie on June 3, 2022, no comments

nine fans is a film that represents the soundtrack of my current life. the sound is generated by a series of nine fans that operate somewhat continuously throughout my home in the phoenix, arizona area. fans are essential to keeping the air moving in a space where the weather is hot thus saving energy while […]