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Unheated Rooms

by Jimmy Peggie on December 9, 2009, no comments

Unheated Rooms (mp3) Music:  Jimmy Peggie | Painting: Jimmy Peggie

52 Week Project: WEEK 52!

by Jimmy Peggie on January 2, 2008, one comment

Conversing and Observing (mp3) music: Jimmy, words: Steve, Sharon, Karen,Tom, Laura | eye mosaic: Sharon

Sexy Ultra

by Jimmy Peggie on February 22, 2007, no comments

Sexy Ultra (mp3) music: jimmy | art: steve

Memorize Your Name

by Jimmy Peggie on February 14, 2007, no comments

Memorize Your Name (mp3) Gazing down the fountain of the sepulchre connecting the lamplit dots with fishing line conjecture plumbing for a submarine road house where shadows deal cards and outside the porthole revolving clocks float out of time music: jimmy | art: steve | words: tom

A Time to Move On

by Jimmy Peggie on January 23, 2007, one comment

A Time to Move On (mp3) The song title alludes to both the moving on of people in this life form after the death of someone they know, and, more particularly in this instance, to the dead person moving on to the next level of afterlife – wherever that may be. The song was originally […]

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