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Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound

by Jimmy Peggie on August 11, 2023, no comments

ARTIST—-TRACK–TIME—SUPPORT The Lonely Bell—-Fires Of Dawn—frostilabel.bandcamp.com jimmy peggie—-gabbro–9:27—jimmypeggie.bandcamp.com Peter Wullen—-black ops – Cop (Bops mix 2)–16:50—peterwullen.bandcamp.com Illusion of Safety—-indoctrination–22:05—illusionofsafety.bandcamp.com philippe neau—-deep sounds–27:15—emerge.bandcamp.com tzesne—-RElatively deep–30:13—emerge.bandcamp.com subterrene—-orthogonal to my distant past and future selves-33:22—povertyelectronics.bandcamp.com Yousef Kawar—-Daytime Stargazing–37:40—reversealignment.bandcamp.com DEMETRIO CECCHITELLI—-VERTICE (edit)–47:25—asonu.bandcamp.com Nicholas Maloney & Tony Panella—-Cascade of Dreams (edit)–57:06—asonu.bandcamp.com Das Synthetische Mischgewebe—-zeh (edit)–1:05:59—pbksound.bandcamp.com PBK—-zeh (edit)–1:15:28—pbksound.bandcamp.com Andy Ortmann—-4’33” After […]

Sound Across Distance – Radio Show

by Jimmy Peggie on June 9, 2023, no comments

The next edition of my ‘sound across distance’ radio show airs on Saturday June 10th at 6pm in France (9am in AZ)  http://listen.camp/ Listen again – https://www.mixcloud.com/camp_fr/sound-across-distance-08th-july-2023/

Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound

by Jimmy Peggie on May 21, 2023, no comments

I have two tracks included in the Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound show which came out on May 20m 2023. Listen to it here: https://www.mixcloud.com/spectrasonicsound/the-institute-of-spectra-sonic-sound-52023/ Playlist: ARTIST—-TRACK–TIME—SUPPORT Bana Haffar—-Clearing—touch333.bandcamp.com SCHNEIDER TM—-Schwarzschild-Radius–1:37—karlrecords.bandcamp.com Roel Meelkop—-Viva in Pace I (edit)–12:28—cronica.bandcamp.com Paul Harrison & Shaun Robert—-Blocks Et Elements–18:16—oxidation.bandcamp.com Jerman/Nordwall—-The Knotted Circle–24:14—newforces.bandcamp.com ausgesuchtestenohren—-Toxische Gemengelage–30:59—ausgesuchtestenohren.bandcamp.com Kloob & Onasander—-A Descent into the Maelström–36:36—eighthtowerrecords.bandcamp.com […]

Sound Across Distance Radio Show

by Jimmy Peggie on April 14, 2023, no comments

Sound Across Distance radio show featuring atmosphere, transmission recordings & more by Jimmy Peggie broadcasted on Camp Radio – Saturday, April 15 at 6-7pm CET / 9-10am AZ time. http://listen.camp/ Listen to the show on Mixcloud. https://www.mixcloud.com/camp_fr/

Camp Radio

by Jimmy Peggie on January 12, 2023, no comments

I’m included in this Black Ops 55 Camp Radio show from France 01/14/2023