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One thought on “Full Focus

  1. This is very orchestral, but it’s like cake that is so rich, you don’t need any frosting. You created the feeling of a full on orchestra, with very few ingredients. And the tune itself–well, there is this repeating melody that is lighter, mixed with the underlying, kind of unnerving drags on the strings, spooky almost. This one affected my physical body as well, as I didn’t know whether to smile, or to get the chills.

    It kind of reminded me of my mom’s funeral…one of my uncles realized, just as it was about to begin, that it was Valentine’s Day. He said, “Oh fuck, it’s Valentine’s Day”, and he started to cry…and I started crying, again. Then Nick, my boyfriend at the time…sneezed a kind of messy sneeze and had no tissue. I know, you’d think we’d all have tissues as we were at a funeral, but no. So he sat there trying to discretely wipe up his face with the edge of his suit jacket…and I started to crack up laughing and I just wanted to hug him as he was so incredibly uncomfortable with the situation. Totally inappropriate, but just very real. It’s that mix of sadness and laughter that this tune kind of makes me feel…..Tiffinie Greer

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